并与美国Kravet、Pkaufman、加拿大Kobe、阿联酋Al Reyami Group、香港诚光、中国大陆的华庭泰丝、世尊、宝盛华庭
About the company
China's first manufacturer of velvet fabrics, the world's top home textile design brand RobertAlan (now with the Duralee merger), the main supplier of silk velvet;
And with American Kravet, Pkaufman, Canadian Kobe, uae Al Reyami Group, Hong Kong chengguang, Chinese mainland China's huatingtaisi, shizun, baoshenghuating

Etc. Well-known companies have very close cooperation and exchanges; At the same time, it also provides high-end sofa fabric for many domestic brand sofa factories,

as well as American, European and middle eastern brands

The designated fabric supplier for sofas. At present, the factory has a full set of German import of 60 million yuan of German import multiarm double rapier loom and after finishing equipment.

Good at silk, cotton and artificial cotton

Wool, chemical fiber and so on all kinds of fiber flannelette production, especially the silk and artificial cotton cloth from dyeing to weaving and finishing all the company's complete. Brand name
Have flinterior ®, veloury ®.